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Craft Realistic Characters for your Brand Story or Corporate Video Production Project.

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Think about your favorite movie. Can you think about the movie without also thinking about the characters? When it comes to great stories - you need great characters. But how do you craft realistic characters for your brand story or corporate video production project?

One tool you can use to come up with awesome character traits is using a personality type tool called the Big Five (or "OCEAN").

- Openness
- Conscientiousness
- Extraversion
- Agreeableness
- Neuroticism

"The academics who developed the model clumped every English adjective that could be used to describe someone into categories and reduced them to as small a set of factors as they could. The Big Five is considered the equivalent of gravity in the academic literature on personality. There have been thousands of studies using it, and it's considered much more statistically accurate than alternatives such as Myers-Briggs. The killer combination is high open-minded, high conscientious, low neurotic" (Graham, Duncan. Ferris, Timothy. Tribe of Mentors: New York, New York, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017 published)
Image from http://www.samyoung.co.nz/2018/08/the-big-five-personality-test.html
"Personality is a very interesting thing. It encompasses the way we act and speak; the way we present ourselves; our attitude towards others; our expression of our values. Our personality can polarise others before they have even met us."
Young, Sam. 2018, August 17th http://www.samyoung.co.nz/2018/08/the-big-five-personality-test.html

The first step is to identify WHO your characters are (personality wise) because that allows you to make decisions around your plot - and scene - and everything down to the type of shoes they would choose to wear in your project are matching their personality type. What does that do? It makes your brand story or corporate video production project feel that much more authentic.

Image by https://www.123test.com/big-five-personality-theory/

Whether you have an idea for a 5 minute brand film or a short 30 second TV commercial, we believe that when you have clarity around your brand and who you serve - you can cut through the noise in the marketplace.

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